Twin Lights Tonic: Cape Ann’s Timeless Soda Pop (American Palate)

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Twin Lights Tonic - Limited Edition Release Set

Dive into history with this carefully researched story of one of the last family bottlers still in operation. Paul St. Germain and Devlin Sherlock bring you through the history and development of carbonated soft drinks as they trace the narrative of 115-year-old Twin Lights Bottling Company (originally Thomas Wilson Bottling Company). Woven throughout is the narrative of one Rockport, MA family of Portuguese immigrants who began producing the tonic in the back of a small-town grocery store in 1907.

With over 70 photographs included, this lovingly assembled book is sure to delight. For a limited time, you will also receive a commemorative postcard and magnet with your purchase!

Proceeds will benefit the Thacher Island Association for their restoration and maintenance efforts of the island.